Rosa Klerkx

System for Interpretation

‘System for Interpretation’ connects movement, sound and drawing through numeric sequences. The system is used to express the same combination of numbers in three different media.

Both of the performers seen on the video are inexperienced dancers. They listen to instructions through headphones, explaining the movements one by one:

>Step to the left
>Swing your arms to the right
>Bring your hips forward

The order of the movement is determined by the numbers, which is how the audio and drawn elements are created too. The sequence was practiced a few times beforehand, but each dancer performs in their own way. The result is a performance that could be done by anyone, in sync, yet different each time.

The audio can be heard in the video.

^The sequence expressed in drawing. The two larger scale patterns express the individual choreographies. 

^The sequence on which each of the elements is based.

^Video still

^Jackets made for performance

^Installation view 

Special thanks to Q and Harry.