2020: 2/42 Studios presents a series of remote exhibitions hosted in the Pipe Factory between the 10th of July and the 25th of September, showcasing work by our studio members on our website and Instagram. A set of ‘solo’ shows scheduled weekly will take over the 4th floor in the Pipe Factory. The programme has been created to play with the traditional format of exhibiting and curating, as a response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Each exhibition will be installed and shown online for a week at a time, with every artist having their own output/energy/presence in the space, both physically and virtually. Over time, links will start to form as the marks left by each show will resonate into the next, growing to be a collaborative effort. 

Exhibiting artists include:-

Grace Higgins Brown and Duncan Higgins 
Giles Watkins 
Danny Pagarani
Aphra Pilkington
Georgia Thornton Sparkes
Katrina Cobain
Esther Gamsu
Mark Lennon
Peter Eason Daniels
Dylan Esposito
Rosa Klerkx

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