Grace Higgins Brown and Duncan Higgins

The following themes will be added to at 6PM daily on the pages linked below until 17.07.20 

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green themes:


*green space


*green man – green woman


*green wednesday 

*green thursday

Green Thing pt.2 culminated on Thurs 16th at 19.30-20.30PM (UK) with a live screening and conversation - the videos can be viewed in green thursday (above).



10.07 - 00.01: We’re live - green lit the whole way.

*10.07 - 18.00
‘bile’ is now live

*11.07 - 18.00
‘green space’ is now live

*12.07 - 17.30 (early today)
‘colour’ is now live

*13.07 - 18.00
‘green man - green woman’ is now live 

*14.07 - 18.01
‘solidarity’ is now live 

*15.07 - 17.52
(early again)
‘green wednesday’ is now live 
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Thurs 16th at 19.30-20.30PM (UK) live screening and conversation for all who wish to participate

A negotiated creative exchange, between 2 artists, who are also daughter and father;

actively engaging in a dialogue about Green Things.


‘Greeness’ and how this manifests and develops symbolically, physically, historically, and within each of our practices.

Work will accumulate here daily, created by both Higgins’ (Glasgow and Sheffield), in tandem, but apart. Creating, documenting, performing and sharing exploratory processes: collaboratively producing an evolving, palimpsestic work.

Green is the colour of revolution - because what is a revolution but literally a turn, a cycle. The power of green is in its cyclical nature; in one sense, the promise of new shoots each turn, but symbolically, ‘green’ is common, it is public, and this leads to political potential, collective sensation. Green is fresh and coarse and raw - green is available and verdant and it means newness, so within green are ideals of progression, renewal, expulsion - this is human stuff - snot, bile, infection, shit, puss, puke - it’s all human stuff, it’s all green.

Setting out to write about Green Space serendipitously coincided with a global pandemic, so my idea of greeness is very different right now. I don’t necessarily want this to be a time-capsule of current events, but I can’t unthink or unsee it all back to ‘normal’ so this is what it is. - G

The perception of green occurs with light at wavelengths of roughly 520–570 nm, however for me green is also an idea, a thought, metaphor, symbol and embodied knowledge, or for me an emotional frequency. It transmits something felt or acts as an emotional key to work with. When we started to think about green things, we of course have 2 green things that belong to Marni and Mushka, our dogs. It's like a pet name for something - “ah green thing”, the words make me smile. Then we started this dialogue last summer and we quickly opened up so many ways that greenness affects us and prompted such a meaningful conversation that now forms the work we are making. - D

Green Thing pt. 1
previously exhibited in the Pipe Factory, Glasgow, at a social distance at the start of March 2020