Giles Watkins

Light on the matter.

An ongoing body of work, cast from plaster and Jesmonite during the lockdown. The designs are initially hand drawn and then constructed on 3d modelling software. 2D plans are then printed, cut out and cast in silicone or paper moulds.

The exhibition serves as a sculptural study of engineered structures and components within the petrochemical industry. Recent focus has been on the recently decommissioned coal power station Aberthaw B in south Wales.

‘Aberthaw B turbine generator’ Cast linocut, jesmonite

Playing on modernist tradition; where a tenuous line between embracing and distrusting technology is ever present. The exhibition references American inter war artists such as Charles Sheeler and Joseph Stella whose striking work captured the American industrial age.
The project is an attempt to come to terms with the legacy of fossil fuels, as well as a way of memorialising said structures for future viewers. The UK went 60 days without heavy coal power during the lockdown. This is a massive improvement but also highlights how far we have to go.